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Marble bathtubs, the protagonists of the wellness room.

During the Milan Design Week, Rexa presents the elegance of marble revealed in precise forms: thanks to their imposing presence, Rexa's new bathtubs are much more than simple furnishing objects, but functional elements that elevate the bath experience to one of timeless beauty


Design by Studio Monica Graffeo

"Inspired by the amphora, archetype of the container for water and sculptural shape that highlights the

Studio Monica Graffeo

A bathtub that invites to relaxation and contemplation, offering a luxurious and refined experience. Sinuous and solid, Cava is a timeless element that becomes the focal point around which the entire room revolves.

180x70x55h cm

Available in 4 colors of marble.


Design by Monica Graffeo

"The idea was to obtain a spontaneous and organic shape from marble, as if it were the result of a continuous digging of the atmospheric agents on the matter."

Studio Monica Graffeo

Disponibile in 4 colori di Marmo

"Luni," an ancient Roman name for Carrara marble, is a reference to the fluidity of forms historically achieved through the artisanal processing of the material: the bathtub designed by Monica Graffeo Studio features asymmetries and thin, irregular edges that convey lightness and elegance. An element that reflects the intrinsic beauty of the material, with its fluid veins and veined tones of the 4 marble colors.

170x90x55h cm

Available in 4 colors of marble.

Discover Cava e Luni, download the Novelties catalogue.

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