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Rexa was established in 2010 in San Quirino, in the province of Pordenone, a place where nature inspires and ideas come to life. Sustainability and creativity merge in a serene work environment open to exchange, where every talent finds space.

Headquarter REXA Design

Internal production is the place where expertise in materials enhances the quality of processes, managed internally from start to finish, following the highest quality standards. Industrial technological efficiency combines with artisan skills, giving life to high-quality objects that reflect a perfect execution Made in Italy.

Lavorazione REXA Design

The world in which we work is the world in which we want to live: we believe in sustainability and reducing environmental impact. We uphold these values through the responsible use of resources and materials such as wood, glass, and Corian®. We pay attention to every internal procedure that allows us to create objects that withstand the test of time.

Headquarter REXA Design
Headquarter REXA Design

Our headquarters is developed in respect of the environment, equipped with a photovoltaic system of over 280 kW that generates clean energy to illuminate and air-condition all Rexa spaces.

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