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Feeling Spaces.

We explore the bathroom through new design perspectives, driven by the passion for materials and curiosity for the ways of living this space of the house, intimate and functional at the same time. The design, the research and the project are the basis of our work, we listen to the outside world by interpreting its suggestions and we speak with the designers and our customers, sharing with them the business of designing spaces for people’s lives.

What are you looking for?


Design by Monica Graffeo Studio

A soaking tub, with a dry and arid appearance softened by a smooth and contoured edge. It can be used in small spaces, placed against a wall, in a corner, or in the center of a room.

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Rexa Flagship Store, Milan

A project-oriented approach to experience

A store located in the heart of Milan dedicated to showcasing products and collections that reflect the harmony of the company's tailoring and design language.


Villa Dune, Varsav

A private residence designed with a bespoke approach in every detail.

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Inspiration | News

Sculptural and essential, here are the new floor-standing washbasins

Inspiration | News

Marble bathtubs, the protagonists of the wellness room.