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We explore the bathroom through new design perspectives, driven by the passion for materials and curiosity for the ways of living this space of the house, intimate and functional at the same time. The design, the research and the project are the basis of our work, we listen to the outside world by interpreting its suggestions and we speak with the designers and our customers, sharing with them the business of designing spaces for people’s lives.

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The design of the furniture stands out for its sides and doors which are higher than the top with sink, giving a rigorous air characterized by vertical lines that are not interrupted when they meet the top.

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The flagship store in the heart of Milan is a meeting point where you can gain knowledge about materials, their usage, and properties by experiencing Rexa collections firsthand.


Villa Dune, Varsav

A private residence designed with a bespoke approach in every detail.

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Another award-winning collection: Vision receives the Grands Prix Du Design 2023