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Processing and production

The perfect balance between craftsmanship and industrial processes creates results of impeccable precision, maintaining the intrinsic beauty of handmade work.

Corian®, Korakril™: shaping every form

Each piece crafted in Corian® is a form that comes to life: sinuous curves, rounded corners, three-dimensional surfaces, complex and intricate details. Its malleability allows for invisible joints, creating a seamless look and visual continuity. With controlled heat, the material becomes pliable and can be shaped limitlessly in molds that define the final object. Every stage of processing demands expertise and artisanal skill; meticulous gluing, care, and manual sanding techniques enhance the beauty of each finish, creating smooth and pleasing-to-touch surfaces.

Korakril™ is distinguished by its extraordinary flexibility in creating fluid and curved surfaces, such as those of tubs, basins, and integrated tops. The production process involves shaping by injecting Korakril™ into handcrafted steel molds, followed by a complex manual sanding phase that imparts a pleasant silk-like effect to the final product.

All the authenticity of wood

A perfect blend of tradition and innovation: the craftsmanship of beech, walnut, oak, eucalyptus, and ash requires passion and attention to detail. Thanks to new technologies, it becomes possible to improve the efficiency of each phase involving precise cuts, skillful sanding, and the creation of details that give personality and character, transforming the simple material into a distinctive element of the design.

The craftsmanship passed down by the Master Glassmakers of Murano

A true treasure of artisanal wisdom passed down through generations of master glassmakers from the Venetian lagoon is what makes each piece so precious. Mouth-blown glass is a delicate process that translates molten glass into elegant forms: a technique that requires great sensitivity, strength, and control of movements to achieve perfect results. Cooling takes place in dedicated handcrafted molds that give life to unique volumes. Each piece features air bubbles, imperfections, and variations in thickness, the result of manual craftsmanship that is not considered defects but rather distinctive signs of authenticity and the uniqueness of each creation.

Charming Cocciopesto

Cocciopesto is a historical material known for its impermeability. Composed of fragments of bricks and lime mortar, it has been used since antiquity by the Phoenicians and later by the Romans as a coating for tubs, walls, and floors in thermal environments. Rexa reinterprets this material through countertop basins with welcoming shapes, handcrafted to enhance their characteristics and surface-treated for simplified home use.

Handcrafted spreading, Unique Textures

Materials such as clay and Eco.malta are applied with a spatula, using a manual spreading technique. This treatment demands expertise and sensitivity, resulting in varied effects each time. Surfaces that invite tactile experiences, naturally enhancing their materiality, and enriching the surrounding environment.


Marble: The Natural Stone of Architectures: pietra naturale delle architetture

A practice with ancient origins, perfected through advanced industrial techniques: the excavation of solid mass brings forms to light. The skill and precision of CNC machines allow for increasingly meticulous definition of the object through complex details, while surfaces are manually smoothed.