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Fuorisalone 2024

Introducing Rexa - Warm Earthy tones

From April 15th to 20th, Rexa warmly welcomes you to Fuorisalone: a unique opportunity to explore new products and materials, showcased in a revamped setting at the Flagship Store on Via Molino delle Armi, 14, Milan. It's an invitation to ignite creativity and foster fresh design possibilities.

April 17th, 2024 h 19
Rexa Flagship Store - Mo.1950 via Molino delle Armi

During the event, esteemed designers who have contributed to enriching our creative universe will take the stage: Alex Yonoh (Yonoh Creative Studio), Fabrizio Batoni (Studio Batoni), and Monica Graffeo (Studio Monica Graffeo), who also oversees the creative direction. Their innovative concepts will blend with our existing collections, adorned in new hues, offering ever more captivating furnishing solutions. With atmospheres inspired by the earth's rich and warm tones and the expressive force of its material surfaces, the flagship store will showcase sculptural bathtubs, freestanding washbasins, introducing Pureglow, an new Rexa material.

The Rexa installation with all new products will be visible throughout the week of the Fuorisalone at the flagship store Rexa:

from April 15th to 20th, 2024, h 10 - 20
Rexa Flagship Store - Mo.1950
via Molino delle Armi, 14 20123 Milano

Don't miss the opportunity to discover all the latest developments on our website starting from April 15th.







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