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The art of tailoring


We tailor our collections to perfectly match project requirements, aware that even a millimeter of alignment can make a difference in achieving the desired result.












Types of Customization

Su misura REXA Design

Every process is internally managed at every stage of production, ensuring care, attention, and precision in terms of both technical skills and quality control. Design and technical expertise transform into products through a craftsmanship approach in synergy with innovative industrial processes.

The expertise gained by the company over the years allows for the optimal use of every available centimeter, adapting the project to the most complex architectural forms and embracing the uniqueness of spaces.

Types of Customization

Model shown in the catalogue •

Each Rexa collection is complemented with all the elements necessary for the creation of a functional bathroom. Every product offers customization in dimensional and material variants

Customization of existing model •

The in-house production of products allows for maximum customization of items already available in the catalogue

Customer-designed model •

Compositions that integrate personalized elements and design forms, granting architects and designers complete freedom in configuring spaces.

Examples of realization



  • Custom-made Unico bathtub in Corian® Neutral Concrete with Airpool system
  • Top with integrated basin in Corian® Neutral Concrete, with customized dimensions
  • Wall cladding Parallele in Corian® Ash Aggregate with integrated lighting.

Project Goszcz Design, Poland

  • Custom-made Unico bathtub in Corian® Deep Cloud
  • Custom-made Unico cabinet with integrated basin in Corian® Deep Cloud


Private Villa, Spain

  • Freestanding R1 cabinet with make up desk
  • Top with integrated basin in Corian® Dune Prima
  • Ceiling hang mirrors
  • Custom-made easel made in Corian® Glacier White