"The Hole Collection is inspired by the concept of the well and, with its original lines, calls to mind our symbiotic relationship with water."

The Hole Collection revisits the concept of the well in a contemporary way, with countertop and freestanding cylindrical washbasinsmade from whiteKorakril™ with contrasting black interiors. Thus, through the utter simplicity of line, they allude to the ancient but timeless conceptof wellbeing. The oval-shaped bathtub is ideal for small spaces and can be positioned in the centre of the bathroom or set against the wall. This tub and its rounded variant reflect the collection’s leitmotif, which makes circularity adistinctive feature. The collection is completed by wall cabinets, a laundry basket, and steel taps that can be installed on the floor or the wall or provided at the washbasin and bath.




Soft Touch lacquer

Fango Luce 135
Grafite 132
Fango 131
Nero 111
Beige 142


Grigio AR5
Grafite AR6
Vinaccia AR4
Bianco AR1
Beige AR2
Tortora AR3



Glacier White C01
Deep Nocturne C38

Korakril™ Blend

Ice White K31


Pure White K01

Meet the designer

Susanna Mandelli

Susanna Mandelli

“For Hole, I was inspired by the image of a well interpreting in a contemporary key a system that for centuries has allowed man to be able to have water”