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Moode is a collection that spans across various finishes, materials, and textures, allowing for versatile and personal pairings. It expresses itself with elegance and linearity, lending itself to expansive compositions designed to enhance large spaces.

Collezione Moode Rexa Design


Architectural versatility

A collection that expresses itself through articulated and modular compositions on an architectural scale, characterized by the lightness of thickness and essentiality of elements.

A 'Chameleon-like' collection

Moode employs an advanced range of materials and textures such as Fenix®, Gres MDI, Glass, Clay, Eco.malta, Wood, and Lacquer to cover its furniture, creating evocative and customizable compositions. The addition of a novel Metallic Effect and the warm nuances of Reeded Wood further contribute to making the creations even more captivating.

Lightness and solidity

The furniture structure is enriched with a black aluminum frame that allows for personalization of the composition covering with a multitude of materials and finishes available in the catalog, maintaining the elegance of ultra-thin thickness of doors and sides that outline the profile of the furniture, enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

Harmony in every detail

The wall units and adjacent columns feature opposing openings created through a system of grooves and recessed handles, designed to seamlessly integrate into the configuration's design while maintaining aesthetic continuity. The various depths of the wall units offer intriguing plays of volumes, optimizing functional storage and treating it with consistency in line with the linearity of the forms.

Essence of elements

Moode presents itself with a contemporary style, introducing elements inspired by the world of living, such as the boiserie. This lightweight and elegant organizational system, available in the same wood finishes as the furniture, includes shelves in black aluminum. In addition to enriching the furnishings of the washbasin area, it provides the opportunity to make it practical and functional by integrating everyday accessories such as the soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, and towel holder.



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