Hammam brings back to the atmospheres of the Hammam and the Onsen, the typical Japanese bathroom, a charming and sensory place where the functional aspects have also deeper meanings.

The Hammam collection introduce a new material: clay: pink, soft, spread or made in planks and tiles, combined with velvety white Corian®. A bath of total well-being where the coating creates a visual and functional continuity between the elements that constitute it, a place where light spreads out and warm colours remember earth, desert and nature.

Shower trays
Wall and floor panelling





Glacier White C01
Silver Gray C35
Clay C37
Deep Nocturne C38
Bone C39

Clay bricks

Marrone CT3
Vinaccia CT1
Grigio CT2

Korakril™ Blend

Ice White K31


Pure White K01

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Meet the designer

Monica Graffeo

Monica Graffeo

“With Hammam I wanted to represent the desire to discover and to re-connect with our own ancestry, love for material, water, light and warmth.”