"Fonte evokes Oriental poetry, in which the care of the body and the quest for wellbeing encounter design, constructing a welcoming and comfortable space."

The Fonte Collection recalls Japanese aesthetics, creating a relaxing spacefor the body and mind. The collection’s distinguishing feature are the bathtubs made from Korakril™, which can be positioned in the centre of the bathroom or placed against a wall. The totem, countertop or recessedwashbasins, as well as the showers, containers and mirrors with shelves, are available in Corian®. The accessories, such as the room divider, small benches and tree-shaped laundry basket with Corian® base, are made of solid elm. The Fonte collection represents the ultimate connection between contemporary life and the sensitivity of Orientalculture.

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Meet the designer

Monica Graffeo

Monica Graffeo

“Fonte stems from the desire to create different elements having specific functions and capable of creating as a whole a landscape linked to a natural, rural world, thus a serene environment.”