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Airpool, Whirlpool, Chromotherapy: 3 advanced technologies to enhance regeneration levels

Domestic walls can become a true haven of well-being through the integration of innovative technologies. This article will explore various ways to create a relaxing environment, providing the pleasure of relaxation bubbles and the benefits of chromotherapy.


1. Airpool

The airpool system is based on the distribution of air bubbles inside the bathtub for a regenerating massage aimed at the regeneration and toning up of tissue. The air is blown into the bathtub through micro holes placed on the bottom, according to a rehearsed and specific method, intended to the precise distribution of air for a reinvigorating massage. This system takes inspiration from thermal baths where, in a natural way, steam bubbles through bottom.


2. Whirpool

Hot water mixed with air creates an effective and invigorating massage to enhance circulation and tissue oxygenation. The system consist of nozzle, arranged on the sides of the bathtub, following a precise methods aimed to results optimization, that distribute hot water mixed up with air. Thanks to a pump, that compose the mechanism of the whirlpool system, the water contained in the bathtub is loaded in the circuit, heated, mixed up with air and reintroduced through the nozzle.


3. Cromoterapia

A fascinating practice that is part of alternative medicine: a technique that uses colors as a therapeutic tool to enhance physical and mental well-being. Colored light is used to address specific health conditions, stimulating the body and mind in a harmonious manner. The integration of a chromotherapy wellness system inside a water bathtub allows for "coloring" the water through three chromatic cycles specifically designed to achieve maximum psycho-physical benefits.

  • Tonic
  • Relax
  • Energy

The colors act as real therapeutic tools, helping to rediscover harmony and alleviate certain symptoms that affect the body and psyche. The results of this technique can be appreciated even after a single cycle and within a few hours of the session.


With Airpool and Whirpool systems

Maxi bathtub in Corian with internal seat

Whether you're seeking pure relaxation or aiming to transform your bathroom into a functional oasis of well-being, Rexa solutions can offer you one or more technologies within the same bathtub.

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