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Vision wins the Big See Design Award 2023

Vision vince il BIG SEE Product Design Award 2023
Vision vince il BIG SEE Product Design Award 2023

Another award confirms the innovation and product excellence of Rexa: Vision wins the BIG SEE Product Design Award 2023. Vision stands out for introducing new user experiences that blend functionality and sensoriality into a harmonious, tailor-made design.

During the gala evening in Ljubljana, Eleonora Castellarin, art director & designer at Studio Monica Graffeo, received the award, a tribute to the quality and creativity of the Vision collection signed by Studio Monica Graffeo.

BIG SEE promotes and celebrates the commercial and creative excellence of Southeast Europe, offering a space for discussion and development for the cultural, economic, and political growth of this fascinating region.

Mobili Vision REXA Design

With its monolithic architectures of dramatic effect, achievable by choosing from multiple dimensions and a rich range of finishes and materials (including gres, wood, Fenix®, Eco.malta, and Corian®), Vision transforms the wall into a container of functions by integrating washbasins and concealing equipped and customizable technical compartments with accessories, trays, electrical sockets, hairdryer holders, to offer the utmost rationality and flexibility with an essential and elegant aesthetic.

Through the combination of suspended modules sculpted with reduced depth (18 cm), Vision creates compositions that appear as containment volumes with a great visual impact, giving space to the surrounding environment. Columns, wall units, mirror cabinets, flap doors that become support surfaces: all elements are designed for infinite configurations, micro-architectures to design one's own personal vision of the bathroom environment.

Collezione Vision Rexa design
Collezione Visione Rexa design

"The synergy with Rexa arises from the shared inclination to look beyond, while maintaining a strong sense of practicality. Thus, Vision was born: a project that focuses on shallow containment and develops with vertical proportions, incorporating the washbasin and leaving space free to better experience the environment and to find things exactly where we need them, not in the second or third row, but everything in the foreground," explains Monica Graffeo, designer of Vision and creative director of Rexa.

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Vision riceve il Grands Prix Du Design 2023

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Another award-winning collection: Vision receives the Grands Prix Du Design 2023

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