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Hotel de Len

Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy

The Hotel de Len, located in the center of Cortina D'Ampezzo, is a structure that harmonizes with the Dolomites, resembling a modern wooden and slate chalet. Starting from its name, "De Len," which means "of wood" in Ladin, the project emphasizes attention to local traditions and highlights wood as the protagonist of the architecture: a sustainable, renewable, and functional element capable of providing protection from acoustic, atmospheric, and electromagnetic pollution.

Curated by the Gris+Dainese studio, the project is based on the idea of a return to the essential combined with a commitment to total well-being. It involves a deep renovation that speaks of sustainability and well-being in a minimal, welcoming, and relaxing language, where each element has been chosen with the utmost attention.

For its realization, local communities and craftsmen were involved, as well as entities like Rexa, capable of customizing and making unique the well-being spaces of the 22 rooms.

Bathtubs, washbasins, sanitary fixtures, and other elements signed by Rexa were chosen by the architects for their customization possibilities, including materials, functionality, and contemporary design.

Rexa provided the Unico bathtubs in Corian® and R1 in Korakril™, both clad in marble or wood to perfectly harmonize with the decor and layout of the spaces.

In addition to these, other elements from the Unico collection were also included, all in white Corian®: custom-made tops with integrated  washbasin and raised edge, as well as over counter washbasins in three dimensions depending on the room type. The bath, basin and shower faucets are all from Rexa's MAE series, featuring an elegant Black Luxury steel finish.

Finally, completing the bathroom furnishings are matte white ceramic sanitary fixtures from the About collection, along with accessories such as the WC plate, roll holder, brush holder, and single hook from the Minimal series, all in Black Luxury steel.

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