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Casa Nato

Azzano Mella, Italy

The secondary bathroom stands out for the elegant bespoke Corian® Carbon Concrete vanity, stretching over 4 meters. Designed to provide storage while also serving as seating within the space and for the footbath, this element intertwines with an equally tall monolith crafted in Corian®, creating a seamless continuity in the design.

The block houses a large sliding integrated basin with dual faucets and is positioned along a window. The design not only takes into account the functionality of the washbasin, but also the visibility through the window, with meticulous adjustment of drains and details such as integrated grooves and finishes to adapt to the glass profile, thus imparting a high level of sophistication to the environment.

The guest bathroom features a refined and contemporary aesthetic. The freestanding Rotondo washbasin elegantly blends with Vision, a shallow-depth vanity, crafted in the same Corian® finish, adding storage and a surface for products. The same finish extends to the Unico shower tray, completing the ensemble while maintaining material continuity in the design.

Require a bespoke project