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Washbasin in Corian® with tray and organizer

design by Monica Graffeo

A solution that allows to keep everything needed for the daily personal hygiene routine organized and easily accessible: the side trays in Corian® serve as practical storage containers, while the organizer adds dividers, faucet holders, sheet metal trays, toothbrush holders, storage, and cup or dispenser support. The square and regular shapes, combined with the option to mix and match Corian® colors for the basin, trays, and sheet metal accessories, enable the creation of a dynamic and personalized environment. Corian®, a durable and easy-to-clean material, ensures long-lasting durability and hygiene. The organizer’s accessories can be easily removed for cleaning and reorganization, making the management of personal hygiene products even more convenient.

Lavabo in Corian® con vaschette e organizer REXA Design


Washbasin in Corian® with tray and organizer

L 80-90-100
H 8-12
P 46

L 100-120
H 8-12
P 46



Glacier White


Silver Birch

Artista Canvas

Neutral Concrete

Dune Prima

Elegant Gray

Ash Aggregate

Artista Gray

Carbon Concrete

Carbon Aggregate

Deep Nocturne