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design Monica Graffeo

Corian® milled panels hint at parallel lines that seem to extend infinitely. The geometric pattern blends with the tactile nature of the material to create a harmonious sensory experience expressed in 12 Corian® colors for a proportionate and uniform effect, coordinating with other elements of the Unico collection. Ideal for all walls in the room, including shower interiors, and suitable for outdoor use due to the material’s properties. Parallele can be crafted in a single piece up to 75 cm in width and 365 cm in height, with a thickness of 1.2 cm.

Rivestimento in Corian® fresato



Glacier White


Silver Birch

Artista Canvas

Neutral Concrete

Dune Prima

Elegant Gray

Ash Aggregate

Artista Gray

Carbon Concrete

Carbon Aggregate

Deep Nocturne