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Eco.malta top

design by Rexa Design Studio

Ecological, eco-friendly, and innovative: Eco.malta is a material that allows for the creation of seamless surfaces. With its textured finish, the result of artisanal hand application, it demonstrates its versatility through unique shades capable of creating unexpected scenarios. Breathable for vapor but not for water, it is resistant to temperature fluctuations with antistatic and hygienic properties.

Top in Eco.malta REXA Design


Eco.malta top - depth 36-46-53-60-70 cm

Thickness 1,2-4-8-12 cm

Thickness 1,2-4-8-12 cm

Integrated washbasin - depth 46-53-60-70 cm

L 50-60
P 31




Beige Scuro

Beige Chiaro

Beige Creta

Grigio Neutro

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