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Corian® washbasin

design by Monica Graffeo

The Corian® basin is a dedicated element for the Interlude, Compact Living, and Esperanto collections. It features square, neutral, and contemporary shapes, with a flush drain crafted in the same Corian® finish—a material in continuous evolution that continues to inspire new creative visions. It has an extremely versatile structure that can be adapted to project needs, maintaining essential design and geometric lines. Faucets can be positioned on the surface or a practical countertop can be created with multiple options for basin placement. The product is available in two heights, 8 and 12 cm.


Lavabo in Corian®

L 60
P 46
H 8-12

L 70-80-90-100-120-140
P 46
H 8-12

L 70-80-90-100-120-140
P 46
H 8-12




Glacier White


Silver Birch

Artista Canvas

Neutral Concrete

Dune Prima

Elegant Gray

Ash Aggregate

Artista Gray

Carbon Concrete

Carbon Aggregate

Deep Nocturne