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Once again, Rexa celebrates the Ofuro with geometric and contemporary shapes

Zen is the new bathtub designed by Studio Monica Graffeo, unveiled at the 2024 Fuorisalone. It stands out for providing a complete soaking experience in geometric shapes and joins the prestigious Dip bathtub, with soft forms, evoking the same Eastern regeneration ritual.


Design by Studio Monica Graffeo

Steeped in symbolism and tradition, the Ofuro is an ancient Japanese ritual of purification and renewal of body and spirit through total immersion in a deep bathtub, seated, which promotes muscular relaxation, stimulates blood circulation, and fosters a profound sense of well-being, making it a widely appreciated practice. The Zen and Dip bathtubs represent the essence of this ancient ritual, offering refined and functional designs characterized by two distinct approaches.

Zen is a versatile and distinctive solution, designed for small bathrooms, capable of adapting to different architectural contexts. Not only can it be placed in the center of the room, enriched by a dedicated ash towel holder, but it can also be positioned in a corner or against a wall. The fluidity of the contoured edge, wider on one side of the bathtub, provides a surface for personal care accessories or serves as accommodation for the wall-mounted faucets (wall version only).


Just like it happens for Dip, access is made easy thanks to a Corian® element with shapes that recall those of the bathtub while it serves as a step and support for wellness accessories. The ergonomic seat at the bottom of the bathtub ensures a comfortable and relaxing soaking experience.

"We chose a Mediterranean colour providing a welcoming vibe of warmth that perfectly fits a soaking bathtub”

Studio Monica Graffeo


Zen is made with highly resistant materials such as Shark and Korakril™, offering a wide range of colors. The new finish introduced during the Fuorisalone is Rosso Argilla, a distinctive choice that infuses a sense of warmth and welcome, further inviting one to indulge in a pure relaxation and regeneration experience.

An harmonious synthesis of form and function that enriches Rexa's dedicated proposal, Dip, to expand design possibilities and allow greater versatility in space arrangement.

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