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Welcome to Rexa

Welcome to Rexa

Our know-how in your hands

Our know-how in your hands

The experience we've gained over the years, and our research into materials like Corian and Korakril, allow us to create products that meet our clients' every need and can easily be adapted to suit any space. We explore new technologies to fine-tune a flexible production system that translates technical solutions into fully customizable design projects.

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Available Products Model shown in the catalogue

Our collections include all the necessary elements, in different colours, materials and finishes, to create and furnish the bathroom space according to our clients' particular needs.

Available Products Customization of existing models

We personally oversee each and every stage of the production process, in order to make sure that every dimension and linear element is precisely tailored to requirements. Bespoke templates can also be made for elements featuring curved lines.

Available Products Model created according to the client's own specifications

Interchangeable elements combined with the valuable support of our technical experts give our architects and designers the freedom to configure the spaces as they see fit.

Our know-how in your hands

From the catalogue, customized or designed according to the client's own specifications: how a bathroom project is born

The products shown in our catalogue, whether they're made of Corian® or Korakril™, can be customized to meet all of our clients' bathroom design needs. Our Technical Department is always available to support the designers in the completion of new projects, fulfilling every request based on individual needs.

Available Products

Private individual projects

The Design Studio works with the Technical Department to explore the best solutions to meet our clients' requirements and satisfy their needs, thanks to a flexible production process and our company's experience in the sector.

Available Products

Hospitality projects

The Hospitality Division works closely with our designers to create bathroom projects for the residential and hotel sectors, offering bespoke solutions that are custom-designed and specifically manufactured for each project.

Available Products

Special projects

The artisanal approach to our work, together with the flexibility of the production process, allows us to create projects from scratch that will satisfy even the most unusual requirements a client may have.

Available Products

Extra projects

Our extensive knowledge of materials and how they're processed, combined with our extensive experience, enables us to expand our product range and meet the most diverse needs . . . even those that extend beyond the realm of bathroom design.

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