Korakril™ Stone top with rounded-edge washbasin


Moulded top with rounded-edge integrated washbasin, outstanding plug drain included. It is realized in Korakril™ Stone, its particular texture on the surface is similar to the plamed and bruched stone. The top dimension and the position of the basin can be adjustable.


L 60÷300 cm
H 1,2 | 4 | 12 cm
P 41 | 43 | 50 | 51 | 53 cm

L 50 | 60 | 70 cm
H 13 cm
P 32 cm



Korakril™ Stone

Bianco K41
Sabbia K42
Tortora K43
Grigio K44
Grigio Scuro K45

Integrate washbasins top

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Rexa Design Studio

Rexa Design Studio