Product life cycle perspective

In compliance with ISO 14001: 2015, Rexa Design s.r.l. operates consistently with a product life cycle perspective, committing to:

  1. determine the environmental requirements for the purchase of products and services, as appropriate;
  2. establishing controls to ensure that environmental requirements are considered in the design process for the development, delivery, use and end-of-life processing of the products and services, as appropriate;
  3. communicate its relevant environmental requirements to external suppliers, including contractors;
  4. consider the need to provide information on the potential significant environmental impacts during the delivery of products or services and during the use and end-of-life treatment of the product.


The impact on the environment that products generate during their life cycle, is not simple to evaluate taking into account the following considerations.


For the realization of its articles, REXA Design Srl uses as raw material the Corian®, together with other types of Solid Surface such as Korakril, and wooden materials for the realization of furniture.

The so-called Solid Surface materials are non-porous composite materials mainly made of acrylic resins that ensure uniformity of the material, resistance to sunlight, allowing the material to maintain its color unchanged over time.

Not being porous, mold and bacteria do not find holds and cannot spread. Inert and non-toxic, in normal conditions Solid Surfaces do not emit gas.

Here below are the main technical characteristics of durability of Solid Surface:

  • they are renewable.
  • they can be easily repaired and restored, thus minimizing the need for replacement and disposal requirements.
  • they can be removed and even reinstalled, for example on a new kitchen, or they can be relaunched to make other products.

Due to these technical characteristics, the articles made with these materials are indestructible and this represents an economic and environmental advantage; however, in case it is necessary to discard it, the articles will be disposed of in landfills.


As for the wood materials, REXA Design Srl furniture is composed of melamine carcase and sides and frontal finishing in various materials, so they are easily disassembled at the end of life to allow the disposal of individual elements.


Rexa Design srl provides information about the life cycle of the product and its waste disposal in the assembly instructions delivered with the product.


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