The colour of shapes — Coloured bathtubs

From the desire to create always new combinations, Rexa introduces the new material Shark also in the soft shape bathtubs collection. The creative possibilities are therefore amplified. With Shark it is possible to create elements by injection moulding which allows to design objects with soft lines and coloured along the entire surface. 
and Hammam are the bathtub models that better exalt the introduction of colour. In fact, thanks to its curved and essential shapes, Hole lives perfectly every bathroom, while Hammam allows to customize your own inspiration creating different combinations between bathtub and its plinth which can be made in the same material of the bathtub or in clay. Shark bathtubs are available in 5 different colours: Nero, Grafite, Grigio Luce, Fango Luce and Zenzero. They give you the possibility to design the bathroom creating perfect combinations with the other elements in the same space. Shark is available also for washbasins and integrated tops. The selection of these 5 colours, using the same colours of the lacquered finishes of furniture, permit to create a bathtub-unit combination. Customize your style!