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ARKEDA 2017 PRESENTA: "ARCHITECTURE AND SOCIETY ... SEARCHING FORELDORADO" In this age of large and sudden social transformations, the primary need of man has become the search for a new system in balance between the built environment and the natural environment through the integration, starting with a more careful and responsible production, of the elements of man in the natural spaces and around them. Architecture and design cities, the human built can no longer be entrusted with the instinctive act of a star designer who falls from the top of his latest work to meet the needs of an ever-greener community of brands and images of great impact which hide a cultural void without a solid foundation on which to base the future of society. The lighthouse of our research is called ELDORADO, a model of city design architecture and society, sought and never achieved, the perfect center of gravity between anthropic elements and natural system, which has already produced epigones and ideas of communities guided by myths not always winning but which brings in an ideal of social ethics to pursue. The refusal of mere aesthetics and brandishing, increasingly widespread in the world of architecture and design, due to the recall of big names in the star system, in favor of design from the bottom, from the identification of the real needs of the community , triggers a virtuous process that involves everything, generating culture as well as constructed of a good level, engaging the participation of a multifaceted and heterogeneous working team that addresses the project towards the purpose of TAKING CARE, social and environmental well-being. We are looking forward to you in Naples from 1st to 3rd December, to draw this new course together towards a more ethical and just society for everyone. Arch. Roberto Cappelli / Arch. Eduardo Cappelli

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