Integrated policy

The Integrated Quality and Environment Policy of REXA Design s.r.l. includes the following points:

  • Assume the "Customer Satisfaction" as the primary value on which to base the management and operation of the Company, measuring it systematically.
  • Consider service as a decisive factor for the success, placing ourself towards the customer as interlocutor to solve the problems and not simply as suppliers of goods.
  • Aim to continuously improve the performance of business processes.
  • Commit to meeting the requirements and maintaining the effectiveness of the integrated management system.
  • Consider Suppliers as an integral part of the production process.
  • Operate in compliance with current legislation and regulations related to environmental management, imposing ever-increasing goals to make continuous improvement of the performance.
  • Preventing pollution, reducing resource consumption in the activities and optimizing waste management.

The Management believes that continuous improvement is one of the fundamental purposes of the Integrated Management System; therefore, it ask all the employees, distributors and collaborators to contribute to the achievement of the concrete objectives indicated below through the activities that belong to each one and with suggestions or incentives aimed at continuously updating the way of satisfying the needs of the market and of the company and follow or, possibly, precede their evolution.

The Management asks all personnel to collaborate within the stated policy and their professional skills, to achieve these main objectives:

  • Promoting Made in Italy, consolidating and expanding the position of REXA Design s.r.l. in the international market.
  • Increase customer satisfaction.
  • Reduce the number and costs of customer complaints and non-compliance in general, including environmental ones.
  • Respect the environment.
  • Establish goals and targets to enable continuous improvement and sustainable development
  • Ensure that a careful analysis of the context is conducted, that the expectations of the parties are met and that the risks related to the processes are assessed by planning effective prevention and mitigation actions.
  • Disseminate and support this Integrated Policy at all levels, making it available to the public, external bodies and anyone interested.

The specific objectives for the period are quantified and eventually modified during the Review of the Department.

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