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A customizable system of Corian® elements, from the vanity unit to all that furnishes the bathroom space. The Unico range showcases an in-depth understanding of the material and the ability to design seamlessly with it.


A material for limitless forms

Infinite compositional possibilities arise from a single denominator, Corian®: a knowledge that adapts to spaces, calibrated and optimized. A versatile material with remarkable technical properties enriched by textural effects that replicate the beauty of natural stone: a potential that can influence the aesthetic impact of the room.

Designed and Tailored

A universal program conceived to seamlessly integrate into the most ambitious architectural projects. With a wide range of options, the collection provides architects and interior designers the freedom to bring the entire bathroom to life in Corian®. The Unico elements can be adapted in terms of dimensions or custom-made, allowing the expression of creativity and the fulfillment of personal and design needs


Dresses the entire bathroom

The essential and flexible volumes of the collection adapt to every element and function, completing the bathroom space with all the colours of Corian® designed for furniture and other elements, extended to coverings as well. Grooves of various sizes allow for creating impactful contrasts or maintaining visual continuity with other furnishings in the room, generating a uniform and harmonious environment

Outdoor: well-being in the open air

Solutions designed for interiors successfully extend to outdoor applications, enriching the collection with sunbeds, benches, tables, decorative elements, and accessories, all crafted in Corian®: a material that ensures lasting durability without alterations, even in outdoor environments. Outdoor elements not only provide functionality but also maintain stylistic continuity, allowing for perfect coherence with the interiors


Harmony in Contact with Water

Standard or customized models, adaptable for installation or placement in any room. Tubs that enhance the immersion experience, equipped with accessories and functions carefully calibrated to meet individual preferences, such as internal seating, concealed faucets, or integrated spouts, drawers, and shelves. Also available in mini and maxi formats, accommodating one or two people, with seating or steps, ensuring a perfect relaxation experience.

Elegance in forms, integrable with Airpool, Whirlpool, and chromotherapy: cutting-edge technologies that intensify levels of rejuvenation.


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