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Compact Living

design by Studio Monica Graffeo


The spirit of the collection is organization: Compact Living enhances small spaces with multifunctional elements for the simple and practical management of everyday objects. It allows dynamic and articulated configurations, with various chromatic and material combinations.



Functional organization

The focus is on the washbasin area, which distinguishes itself from the classic integrated countertop to become a true organizational system with compartments, makeup consoles, and trays to configure according to taste and available space. The washbasin can fill the entire depth of the underlying cabinet or reduce to accommodate an equipped organizer, allowing for the always neat arrangement of daily use products and easy accessibility.

Dynamic geometries

The structure of the cabinet is characterized by the 45° cut, which is repeated in the front door, giving it a sharp and precise appearance that enhances its technicality. A simple and clean design composed of modular elements that allow for creating lively configurations suitable even for smaller spaces, maintaining a consistently neat result in any context

Innovative materials

Compact Living introduces metal in various finishes and adapts it to the compositional elements of the collection, such as the frames of dedicated mirrors, divider elements of organizers, the washbasin, and various accessories. The shades of Corian, echoing the effects of natural stone, blend with solid colors to create unique combinations that marry perfectly with the warm woods of the furniture or the vibrant hues of lacquers.

"How to respond to limited spaces in a practical yet captivating way: we worked around the concept of box and rhythm".


Monica Graffeo, designer

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