"Esperanto is the perfect point where shapes encounter shapes within a space, accompanying and enveloping the gestures of daily life throughitscompositions."

The Esperanto Collection allows for the customization of the bathroom to suit individual needs. The collection is distinguished by modular cabinets with hinged doors that can be wall hung or combined with trestles, providing more support and addinga subtle touch. Also available as part of the Esperanto range are the recessed or countertop washbasins and storage accessories, available in a variety of materials such as Corian®, Korakril, "Cocciopesto", gel and ceramic, along with various colour combinations. A range of glass mirrors and other items in the collection help arrange the bathroom space in the best possible way.

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Rosa Fumo 336/236

Rosso Cupo 337/237

Melanzana 338/238

Sabbia 333/233

Tortora 304/204

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Bianco VL1

Nero VL2

Beige Fresco VL3

Fango VL4

Grigio Luce VL5

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Top con lavabo integrato

Glacier White C01

Silver Gray C35

Clay C37

Deep Nocturne C38

Bone C39

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Integrate washbasins top

Over-counter basins

Mobili componibili

Meet the designer

Monica Graffeo

Monica Graffeo

“The idea is to have all necessary things well in view, without creating an impression of untidiness, in opposit, suggesting the actions to undertake in our daily routine with a lightly mood, exactly as it happens on a well laid table”