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Welcome to Rexa

Welcome to Rexa

The environment in which we work reflects our personality and professionalism. After all, it's only within the framework of an ideal dimension that ideal habitats can be created.

"It is through observation of and respect for nature that our ideas take shape."

We derive our inspiration from all that surrounds us, and our designs reflect our values and identity.

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Our energy-efficient, eco-friendly office is equipped with a 1,300-square-metre photovoltaic plant having an annual production capacity of 206,000 kWh. This is enough to meet all our energy needs so that we can carry out our activities, from production and lighting right to air-conditioning.

The artisanal approach that defines our work has enabled us to build a profound relationship with the objects we create, side by side with a pioneering, cutting-edge industrial production system.

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We combine experience with the sharing of knowledge and skills.

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Participation and the exchange of ideas through continuous dialogue between sector experts and designers are the tools that enable us to expand our skill set.

"We’ve developed new creative processes that help satisfy your requirements."

Our working method, which we've improved and perfected over the years, has allowed us to develop flexible, easily customizable products that can evolve and grow as your needs dictate.

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We challenge ourselves to push all boundaries and satisfy every need, developing options for altering sizes, proportions, forms and configurations while combining elements to create new shapes capable of meeting an individual's brief and needs.

Passion guides our work, and it demands that we leave nothing to chance. We meticulously monitor every aspect of the production process, from our choice of materials to the sophistication of the design, in order to create products that constantly meet our standards of excellence.

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"Our work ethic is based on professionalism and experience, not to mention a responsible way of working."

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We take as long as is necessary to develop our products. Building with our own hands and engaging personally in the process suggests an emotional involvement and the desire to work responsibly towards the best possible results.

Meet our design team

Rexa Design srl
Via Maniago, 57/A
33080 San Quirino PN - Italy
Tel +39.0434.593182
Partita Iva 01622570933

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